How We Convert to USB

We have a large selection of quality brand video tape players, which are maintained and cleaned regularly to ensure that the output quality of the conversion meets a high standard. Different video players will play back tapes slightly differently depending on the tracking technology used. Therefore, we personally select a video tape player for each tape, which will provide the best outcome for your video transfer.

We strictly use a selection of these brand video players:

  • Sony
  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
  • LG

These brands have proven to be reliable in providing excellent quality tape conversion. We do not use cheap, poor quality video players, as we do not believe they would offer comparable quality. Using these video players, we are able to transfer your tapes to USB using specialised digital converting software, which takes the analogue signal from the video player and converts it to a digital format. This is done in real-time. We take no shortcuts. 



8mm Tapes converted to USB or DVD, Perth Australia







Video tapes converted to USB, Perth Australia

Benefits of USB

Multiple Playback Devices

By having your tapes converted onto USB, you are given the flexibility to play them on a wide variety of modern devices. These devices range from:

  • iPads/Tablets
  • iPhones/Smart Phones
  • Smart TV's
  • Computer/Laptop

Import Into Editing Software

Once you have your tapes transferred onto a USB, you can then import them into your favourite editing software. This is great for those wishing to make movie montages for special occasions such and birthdays and anniversaries. 

Multiple Backups

By converting your tapes onto USB, you are able to make multiple copies of the same tapes with the click of a mouse. The best way ensure that you memories are kept safe forever is to make multiple copies of the files on different storage devices. For example, you can make a copy on your laptop and then keep a second copy on an external device (USB/Hardrive).

Different File Formats

We can offer multiple different file formats for your conversion. Our default format is MP4 as this is highly compatible with a number of devices on the market. However, if you wish, you can request for your tapes to be converted to AVI.

End Result

How Big Are the Files?

Typically the file size after conversion to USB is 1GB/hour of footage. 

What Resolution is the Final Conversion? 

The final resolution is 720 x 576, however this may be cropped to remove noise.

How Are the Files Named?

Converting to USB means all of your tapes will be stored on a device that can fit in your pocket. Each tape is given an identification number so that you know which file relates to which tape. As shown to the right, this is a typical file structure of a set of converted tapes to USB. This USB can be plugged into a large variety of modern smart devices and played back anywhere and anytime at your leisure.



Convert tapes to USB for smart TV Playback

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