How We Convert to DVD

We have a large selection of quality brand video tape players, which are maintained and cleaned regularly to ensure that the output quality of the conversion meets a high standard. Different video players will play back tapes slightly differently depending on the tracking technology used. Therefore, we personally select a video tape player for each tape, which will provide the best outcome for your video transfer.

We strictly use a selection of these brand video players:

  • Sony
  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
  • LG

These brands have proven to be reliable in providing excellent quality tape conversion. We do not use cheap, poor quality video players, as we do not believe they would offer comparable quality. Using these video players, we are able to transfer your tapes to USB using specialised digital converting software, which takes the analogue signal from the video player and converts it to a digital format. This is done in real-time. We take no shortcuts. 




VHS machine to DVD or USB, Perth Australia





Tape conversion to DVD example disc

Customizing your DVD

How Many Tapes Do You Want on Each DVD?

Depending on the length of the tape you can either opt to have one tape per DVD or you can have multiple tapes on one DVD. When you confirm your order with us, we will ask which way you would prefer to have your DVDs converted. You can also request to have more than one copy of each DVD to give to family and friends as a gift.

How Much Footage Can Fit on a DVD?

The DVDs which we use are 4.7GB discs. Once the footage has been converted, it requires approximately 1GB/hour of space. Therefore, you can expect to fit around 4.5 hours of footage onto one DVD.

What Type of DVDs Do You Use?

We only use quality name brand DVDs to ensure that your memories will last for the years to come. Depending on our supplier, these vary between:

  • Philips DVD -R
  • TDK Gold DVD -R

Are the DVDs in a Case?

Yes we put the DVDs in a sturdy plastic cases. The case is also labelled so you know which tape(s) they correspond to. However, we leave the DVD without any label to leave room for personal customisation.

What Resolution and Format is the DVD?

The transferred tape is published at a resolution of 720 x 576 (PAL) which is appropriate for Australia.

End Result

The final product can be seen to the right, where a customised title and menu screen is created for your tape. You can then playback this DVD on any standard DVD player. This makes for a great gift for family and friends. The DVD also comes in a professional looking case for easy storage.


Tape conversion to DVD Menu screen example

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