How long does it take?

Typically it takes between 3-10 working days, depending on the current demand and volume of tapes.

What if the tape is blank?

If you are worried about paying for the conversion of a tape that may not have footage on it… do not fear! We do not charge the conversion fee for blank tapes.

Can we convert commercial tapes?

We do not convert commercial/copyrighted tapes without written permission to do so from the producer of the footage.

Is there a risk of my tape being damaged?

With all tapes, there is always a slight risk of tapes snapping. But do not panic. We are able to repair all minor damage. If you have a tape or two at home with the same problem, feel free to bring them along with your other tapes. We would be more than happy to repair and convert them for you as well. With that, there is a slight possibility of you losing a couple of seconds of footage in the case of a severely damaged tape, as we tend cut out badly damaged tape; however, this is what is necessary to preserve the remaining memories!

Do I get my tapes back?

All of your tapes will be given back to you when you pickup your DVD(s)/USB and they are still playable if you have the equipment necessary to do so.

Do I have to provide a storage device?

If you have a storage device (USB/Hardrive) at your disposal, you are more than welcome to bring it along with your tapes. If not, we are more than happy to purchase a device for you; however, the cost of that device will be added onto the total cost of your order. We recommend 3GB of free space per tape.

When do I pay? How do I pay?

Once the tapes are completed, you will be contacted with the total cost of your order. You will then pay upon collection of your tapes. Payments can be made with cash or eftpos.

What if I incur a problem?

If you are unhappy with any of the conversions, we are open to working together with you to find an appropriate solution depending on the issue. Solutions include converting tapes again or, in the worst-case scenario, receiving a refund/discount for the tapes you are not satisfied with.

How do I get my tapes to you/back?

After you have been in contact with us, we can organise a time for you to drop off your tapes. We are a home run business- we may not always be home; however, we are flexible in offering times varying from morning to night to best suit your time schedule. The same process goes for pickup. After your order has been completed, you will be contacted with the final cost and a request to schedule a pickup time that best suits you. Unfortunately, we do not do tape order by postage as that opens up the possibility of them being damaged or lost in transit.

Can the tape quality be improved?

The quality of the final product depends mainly on many external factors over which we have not control. Not only do all tapes degrade over time, even if they haven’t been played back many times, they also may be affected by the conditions in which they have been stored. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the product, do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

Can you convert several tapes onto a single DVD?

Depending on the length of the tape you can either opt to have one tape per DVD, or you can have multiple tapes on one DVD. When you confirm your order with us, we will ask which way you would prefer to have your DVDs converted. Each DVD comes with a customised home screen menu from which you can then select which tape you would like to watch.

Can you do NTSC format?

Yes! We can certainly convert NTSC formatted tapes.

What is the normal turnaround time?

Our typical turn around time is 2-3 weeks depending on customer load and demand at the time at which you place your order. The time may also vary depending on the amount of tapes you would like to have converted.

Do you provide special editing?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any special editing services. If you would like to have tapes edited for a special occasion, we would recommend having your tapes converted to USB/Hardrive. This option makes footage fully editable for use by yourself, or an external party.

Do you retain copies of my videos?

Digital copies of all conversions will only be held for 3 weeks after completion. This is done in order to have a copy on hand to view if you contact us with an issue for which you require assistance to rectify. Once 3 weeks have passed without contact from you, we will assume that you are happy with your order and will subsequently dispose of the copies.

Do you view the tapes customers send you?

We understand that your tapes may contain private and personal content and as for such, they are not reviewed in full; however, they are checked at regular, short intervals to ensure that the entire tape converted to a satisfactory quality and to spot any potential issues.